Federal Xplora R/T

33/12.50R20 Federal Xplora Rt tires from BB Wheels come with FREE shipping and some of the lowest and cheapest pricing for sale online! The 33x12.50x20 Federal Xplora Rt tires offer performance and quality matched by no one from a leader in the automotive industry.

Product Specification
Part Number
Aspect Ratio25
Rim Diameter: 20
Millage Warranty: 

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The Federal Xplora R/T is rugged terrain, all-season tire manufactured for light trucks.

The tire offers excellent on- and off-road traction. The tread design’s optimally placed staggered tread blocks and high void ratio increase the soft, loose and uneven terrain and the on-road grip and driving safety levels. This enables the tire to improve the versatile terrain grip on various terrain surface conditions. The tread boosts driving safety level by ensuring the model’s forward motion in deeper mud and on loose dirt, while also ensuring exceptional surface grip during the tire’s highway performance. The tread’s self-cleaning detail protects the tire from damage. It eliminates mud and snow stuck in the footprint, preventing them from blocking the tire’s surface contact, while it also ejects rocks from between the tread elements, resisting stone retention. This combination ensures the tire’s exceptional performing capability.

The tread also manages to ensure a comfortable and smooth on-road performance. The computer-optimized tread design lowers the road noise and vibrations levels during the drive. The tread channels airwaves through the footprint, preventing their contact with the tread elements. As a result, the road and tread pattern noise is not generated while the tires are in motion. The close road contact enables the tire to absorb the shock of driving, which significantly reduces the road vibration levels felt in the vehicle’s cabin. This results in a quiet and comfortable on-road driving experience.

The all-season compound and the optimal tread design also increase year-round performance. The detailed tread design features staggered tread blocks, a high void ratio, and an ideal siping detail which increases the dry, wet, and winter weather road grip. The tread elements promote additional biting edges to grip onto the road and terrain surface in all weather conditions, while the compound actively maintains the rubber flexibility in various temperatures. The tread’s high void ratio and open shoulder detail prevent hydroplaning during the model’s on-road performance. They keep the surface contact by eliminating water and slush from below the footprint. In this manner, the tire ensures a secure drive from the heat of summer to colder winter conditions.

The Xplora R/T enhances the controllability. The tread’s maintained surface contact upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The better road and terrain contact increases the tire’s structural stability during the performance, while the steering becomes quicker and more accurate. This ensures the tire’s full control over the vehicle in various temperatures, guaranteeing the driver’s full control over the vehicle. The strengthened internal structure also improves load and driving durability. The stronger construction maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure, significantly increasing the load-carrying and withstanding ability and power. As a result, the tire guarantees a safer driving experience.


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