Landsail Rangeblazer

Product Specification
Part Number
Aspect Ratio70
Rim Diameter: 17
Millage Warranty: 


The Landsail CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks. Landsail offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model.

The model offers exceptional all terrain performance. The symmetric tread pattern’s large, staggered tread blocks and wide grooves improve the tire’s on- and off-road traction, making its usability more versatile. These tread elements improve the soft, loose and uneven terrain gripping ability, significantly boosting the tire’s off-road performance. The tire maintains a clean footprint with its excellent self-cleaning capability. The staggered tread elements and high void ratio disperse mud and snow and eject rocks stuck between the tread elements. As a result, the tire’s footprint is not blocked from its contact with the road surface, while the tread actively prevents stone retention from harming the tire’s casing.

The tire promotes great all weather traction. The symmetric tread pattern, with the optimal siping detail, and the all season tire compound work together to improve the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability. The compound keeps the tire’s flexibility throughout the year, even in colder temperatures, and it prevents weather damage from shortening the tire’s service life. The tread elements firmly grip the road surface and improve the year round performance. The tire received the three mountain peak and snowflake symbol that indicates its capability to conquer the harshest winter weather conditions. As a result, the tire guarantees a first-rate driving experience in all weather.

The tread pattern upgrades the tire’s controllability. The high stability tread corners stabilize the tread area and improve the tire’s road contact. This constant road contact boosts the steering responsiveness and driving stability greatly. The steering becomes faster and more precise in its response to the driver’s commands, while the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the model. The special shoulder tread design enhances the model’s cornering capability. The shoulder’s tread blocks heighten the number of biting edges gripping the road surface during cornering and maneuvering which ensures a secure performing capability.

The CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T provides a quiet on-road drive. The special zigzag middle tread block pattern decreases the road and tread pattern noise generated while the tires are in motion. This is achieved as the tread design channels the airwaves through the tire’s footprint without allowing them to come into contact with the tread elements. In this manner, the road and tread pattern noise is not generated, guaranteeing a comfortable driving experience.


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